Blood Counts

Blood Counts is a national effort to raise awareness about multiple myeloma through the sharing of personal stories. Through real-life accounts of persistence and hope, Blood Counts aims to shed a light on what matters most when it comes to treating blood cancer.

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Storytelling Counts

Storytelling can be a helpful way for people to cope with cancer. In addition to showing effects in four areas - cognitive, affective, interpersonal and personal - hearing the stories of others can provide hope for cancer patients and their families.

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Source: Chelf JH, Deshler AM, Hillman S, Durazo-Arvizu R. Storytelling: a strategy for living and coping with cancer. Cancer Nurs. 2000;23[1]:1-5.

Myeloma Counts

Multiple Myeloma Resources

To learn more about multiple myeloma, visit:

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StoryCorps’ mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more compassionate and just world. Each week, millions listen to StoryCorps’ award-winning broadcasts on NPR’s Morning Edition. Since its founding in 2003, StoryCorps has collected and archived more than 60,000 interviews from more than 100,000 participants from across the country who visit one of our recording sites. It is one of the largest oral history projects of its kind. For more information, please visit

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Amgen Oncology is committed to helping patients take on some of the toughest cancers, such as those that have been resistant to drugs, those that progress rapidly through the body and those where limited treatment options exist. Amgen's supportive care treatments help patients combat certain side effects of strong chemotherapy, and our targeted medicines and immunotherapies focus on more than a dozen different malignancies, ranging from blood cancers to solid tumors. With decades of experience providing therapies for cancer patients, Amgen continues to grow its portfolio of innovative and biosimilar oncology medicines.